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KAMP:CLAIRVOYANCE is the band's second album, two years after releasing KAMP:REAPPEAR. Following up with the alternative-rock-based style and attitude, and a renewed line-up, this album moves quite away from the starting point.
Unlike its predecessor, KAMP:CLAIRVOYANCE is not a concept album anymore; being faithful to the all-time songwriting base, this album differs in many ways.
Music swindles through many composition and arrangement sub-styles, ranging from the commercial two-minute alternative rock songs, to prolific industry rock attitude with mediterranean oriental drives, stops by a bit to a funk-based attitude, then swaps back to progressive touches, only to move on to a singer-songwriter interlude, then come back to a 70's felt 12/8s ballad, some 90's mainstream pop-rock melodic ballad, then to a pop-rock-funk mixture.
But music could not be availed without the different lyrics' approach. Main composer and lyricist John Kampouropoulos has been going "one step beyond", on one hand being tethered to the familiar foggy-to-straight-forward writing style, and on the other, experimenting with songs about reality and the world. KAMP pay their respect to world's scientific pioneer Galileo; another song is influenced by their 6-years long financially collapsing country, Greece, and another about the refugees' issues - a matter that still shakes the Greeks and the EU.
Last but not least, CLAIRVOYANCE deals with yet another style choice. All recordings had been done using the 70's-influenced full analog stereo techniques and combined analog outboard with digital stereo mixing and mastering.
All recordings took place in Athens, Greece, during the first half of the year 2016.


released August 25, 2016

KAMP are:
John Kampouropoulos: vocals
Nick Koutsopodiotis: electric guitar
Michael Evdemon: bass
Antonis Dounias: drums

Lyrics and music by John Kampouropoulos
Arrangement and additional composition by John Kampouropoulos, Nick Koutsopodiotis, Michael Evdemon, Antonis Dounias.

Produced by John Kampouropoulos
Co-Producer on "Faith": Panagiotis Paraskevaidis
Recorded and mixed in AUX studios Athens, 17, Zoodochou Pigis Str.
Sound Recordist: Panagiotis Paraskevaidis
Mixing: Panagiotis Paraskevaidis
Mixing Supervisor: John Kampouropoulos
Mastering: Nassos Nomikos for VU Productions, 108, Mitroou Str., Piraeus, Greece.
Artwork by Loft D'Art - Chris Pakiotis
Artwork photos by Afrodite Houlaki

Additional musicians (per track) :
John Kampouropoulos - percussions on tracks #2, #4, #13, #14, acoustic guitars on track #12, all backing vocals.
Antonis Dounias - drum extras on tracks #6, #12, #13.
Nick Koutsopodiotis: acoustic guitars on tracks #8, #12, #13.
Panagiotis Paraskevaidis - percussions on track #6.
Virginia Fragoulatzi - lead and backing vocals on track #13.

Additional techies:
Chris "The Spaniard".

*All recordings were done using a retro-70's full analog stereo recording techniques. Audio equipment includes a DYNAMix 3000 audio board, and Focusrite outboard compressors.

Special Thanx to all of you people who trust in our music.



all rights reserved


KAMP Athens, Greece

KAMP is the solo project by the artist John Kampouropoulos, ex-lead singer of the Greek alternative rock band "Closer" (EMI/Chrysalis).

The band was formed in Athens, Greece, at 2012. They have been performing at various venues in Athens, and on summer 2013 the band recorded its first album "KAMP:REAPPEAR". Their second LP "KAMP:CLAIRVOYANCE" has been released on summer 2016.
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Track Name: Nonsense
If everything was meant to be
and life turned against you
if all the love you feel inside
just disappeared overnight

And there would be no strings attached
keeping us from being what we really are
And there would be another you again
just to keep my conscience satisfied

Would you be walking along with me?
Would you be standing by my side?
Would you make love to me like no other?
Would all this nonsense work for you?

If everything turned to dust
and life as we know it really stops
If all the promises we made to last
disappear and leave us linger on

And there would be no other alibis
saving us when we both lie
And there would be no significance in every word we say

Would you be speaking with me, no matter who we were?

Chorus Alt.:
Then we'd be walking together hand in hand
and we'd be standing by each other
and we'd be making love as if it was true
and all this nonsense would work for us too.

(Rep. Ch.)
Track Name: Humans
There's a lot of endless rubbish
'bout all things that people do but
what the truth is -can't deny it-
we all make good things happen

There is love and there is hatred
there's creation and destruction
but above all, and amongst all
we all make good times roll

An' if you try to put us down
we will fall but we will surely rise again.

We have built giant skyscrapers
we have seen the Earth from the Moon
but the truth is we are jealous
of successes of the others

It's our nature, it's a process
it's divine yet it is brutal
but above all we are humans
we can make the good out of bad, yeah!

An' if you try to put us down
we will fall but we will surely rise again
in the middle of Hell and Fire
there's a flower growing up and it's called love.
Track Name: Intercourse
Every time I look into your eyes
reminds of what I used to be
When we made love
when we're entwined
in a bed colder than a winter's night

Everytime you scream my name in vain
's like a prayer left to linger on
Your withered lips...
your shivering hips...
In a love that's shared but no one's taking it for real...

I'm shattered now! Just shut your mouth!
Cos' nothing will save you, girl, but loving me!
But loving me...

Everytime we fight over again
I see your urge to make me bend
Drooling on the floor, sweat runs through your skin
in an intercourse fiercer than a war machine...

I'm shattered now! Just shut your mouth!
Make my lust blow!
I'm shattered now! Just shut your mouth!
Cos' nothing will save you, girl, but loving me!
Track Name: Show Reason
Going somewhere, sleeping under
the stars you wish to have owned
the sky you had but now lost
Going under, sleeping nowhere
if all you can do is smile, if all you can do is cry

Show reason before you lose- lose it all
nothing to fear, nothing to hope for.

Going somewhere, always summer
inside your bleeding- bleeding heart
outside your fake, broad smile
Going somewhere, always somewhere
Will your heart fail to beat as one
with all your partners left behind?


On your own now, that's your home now
this tricky business has cost your life
but in the end you don't mind

On your own now, that's your home now
you never act like you're homeward bound
you never show unless you're found

(Rep. Ch.)
Track Name: Fool
It only took a moment to lay your guns down
and in just one second they knocked you down
within a half-empty bottle they made you shrink your dreams
but it's ok with you
yes, it's ok...

Running around-around no light inside your trembling heart
Running around-around and hope never to be found
Running around-around these visions blurred your troubled mind
Running around-around around... just like a fool...

Your spirit seems to be up and close to the sky
the sky is always the limit
you won't deny.
Within a dark room they locked you blindfolded, torn apart
but it's ok with you
yes, it's ok...


(Rep. Chorus ad lib)
Track Name: Million Times
Intro taksim:
-Crossed my fingers a millionth time
oh, waiting for the tides to change
Grey is the rain that fills my eye
oh, that millionth-
oh, that millionth

Hazey lies a strong embrace
like the one I used to share
with all my dreams untold and new
oh, that millionth time

That millionth time!

I want out! I wanna break through!
That ring of fore, space and desire...

Fewer goods and more the bads
inside this throat that nearly gasps
Threw this garbage away on my mind
Oh! That millionth time...

(Rep. Ch. twice)
Track Name: Wasteland
The time we had has gone away
the light we saw has gone down
we're rearranged and that's the key
to any lock we have to open up

The winding road has changed
the scenery along with it has turned from brown to green
And riding high in my car
I feel the wind in my face
getting fresher and clean

And there's no time to wonder why
there's no time to waste on a waste land

Another precious memory
another night to laugh
the times we've spent in eagerness will vanish in the haze
A new day will break, another night will fall
We'll carry on going till the end of time until our time is up,
and riding high in my car I feel the power in me!

And there's no time to wonder why
there's no time to waste!
there's no time to wonder why
there's no time to waste on a waste land
Track Name: Galileo
Standing here, hanging on
one last chance before the dawn
put your wounded heart behind
before you go blind

Took your mind one step beyond
only to find you've been there before,
did your best to save mankind,
but you came across their pride

As if you were an outlaw they hurt you and mistreated you
As if you were a demon's child, it took you half way there
You only fantasize what's worth to melt onto the pyre
Your only chance is if you'd lied
Your only chance is if you'd lied.

Don't have much to say no more
you just have to save your soul
Even when they say "Earth is flat!"
you can laugh at them...

Took mankind one step beyond
only to prove you've been so wrong...
You kneel before the Inquisition
-but you knew the rules...

As if you were an outlaw they hurt you and mistreated you
As if you were a demon's child, it took you half way there
You just pretend you will obey, but no one ever listens
Your only chance is if you lie.
Your only chance is if you lie.
Track Name: Release Me
Stepping out my old front door
leaving my town, my friends, my home,
looking forward to a big adventure
for a habit unknown
Had enough of all this pitty
this wicked twist of fate
I'll be going by my own now,
I'll be going for a change of luck

Release me! Cos' I can't stand the way life goes on
In this madness, no one knows what's he here for
I'll find me another life where everything's right
and I'll have someone to talk to when I'm cold...

I am cold like people are
Talking about nothing, but it's true
It's the last time I will feel this way
Cos' tonight I will leave this place!
Had enough of all this madness
the wicked laughing stars
I'll be going by my lonesome
I will miss you all too much...

Track Name: Happy...
I can only remember now
the days of glory and safety
where we used to hang out so carelessly
and to joyfully play so playfully free
oh, so happy...

I can only pretend I'm fine
bliss is always so hard to come by
now we've seen hard times unexpectedly
but we happily pray, a prayer so sweet
oh! so happy...

Farewell old times
take care pretty eyes
think it's best for all of us
a new start, a new life

I can hear you walking off
oh! days of old, oh! days of hope...
I will now free my heart and be true
and I will joyfully play so carelessly
oh! so happy...

Happy... happy... happy...
Track Name: Clairvoyance
Raining outside my window
I can see clearly where the raindrops fall...
Into my blurry conscience shadows cast a spell
I now possess...

Stretch out to find a heartbeat
sometimes nothing is as real as it should
Into my box of memories
faces always form a quiet parade...

The wasted time has taught me reason
about all things that were
and all things to be
No, I'm not so scared, no I'm not so scared
Cos' I'm feeling free, feeling free, feeling free...
So free!

Raining inside my blunt soul
I only dream now what my heart desires...
Into my random clairvoyance
dreams finally come to an end

Rep. Ch. twice)
Track Name: Pain
Yes, it's OK, it is just another glitch
and, sure, you'll let it go away
And when it's gone, your dreams are gone as well
leaving nothing but just a cellophane sun

Now it's mine, just a little secret wish
I'm sure you'll let yourself astray
When you're down and there's nothing left to hide
you're looking forward to a pale, dark grave...

Now, give me pain, don't worry...
Now give me pain, I'll take it!

Time after time you seem to realize
your wings have grown stronger
Trapped inside this horrid shell
it doesn't matter if you know what's best.

(Rep. Chorus to end)
Track Name: Faith
Male part:
So, is it just a game?...
Am I playing the way I should?...
I suppose I'm hanging well tonight
as I slip by your side
Never meant to walk alone, never had the chance at all
living by, helpless and ignored
Only love can mend our hearts, only love can break us down
but I just keep holding on...

Female part:
So it's another tale of a king that was so cold...
All around him people talked as if he was about to live
Now I know I sound too small, but my faith has been driven
down a long and winding road
Only love can mend our hearts, only love can break us down
But I just love you more...

You gotta go all the way
you gotta be prepared for the day
but don't let go your faith in love
the faith in you
your faith in what is true
Your faith in what is true

(rep. Chorus both Male and Female)
Track Name: Chasing Tails
Can you feel it?
It's the long and cold winter...
People run and hide
people live and die in the darkness.

Someone told you
it's the truth you don't accept
people having fun
fun without the sense of tomorrow

So lift your eyes
it's this world that makes no sense
people drift and die
and you just sit here, hoping for the best

And I
I remember you said something about freedom
I remember you gave your life to that cause
I remember we all come from one kingdom
So prove your love and stop-
Chasing tails!

Is it over?
Would you hand them over another sun?
The Earth is bigger-
bigger than our homes and larger than any land

(rep. Chorus)