Shipping and return policies for KAMP

Shipping Info
Please DO NOT FORGET to provide us with your email and postal address. Such a step is provided during your purchase of PHYSICAL goods. If you don't provide us with your postal address we will not be able to deliver anything to you!! (this doesn't apply for audio downloads)

All physical items are shipped within 4 working days. For non EU countries, the time frame may extend to plus 1-2 working days.
Return Policy
1. The band is not held responsible for damage of the good(s) driven from wrong use. (e.g. tossing the digi pack into your car, the floor, or placing it near fire etc) We don't refund.
2. The sender is not responsible of any payment method liability. Payment sites have their own return policy, so if you must, do address them via email, explaining your issue.
3. For any other issue or inquiry, please do email us using the form on our profile.